Saturday, 7 May 2011


I know I have been away from blogging for a long time and some of you rightly thought I had probably given up My Blog. But for the encouragement of a few good friends, I would have abandoned it - not because I had nothing to say, but because I had practically no time to spend on blogging. Anastasia, who is not only a  great contributor  but also a wonderful friend,  sent me an email the other day and said this: " If you ask me, I'd be very sad and disappointed if you gave up on your blog, But you are the owner of this blog, and the choice is yours." .Finally,  I made my choice and decided to come back.Eevery time we are challenged by opportunity, we have a choice. There is never an experience without a choice..

Along with this consistent gift of choice that we have, we also have the liberty to weigh things in special light. You could either choose the vibrant splashes of red, yellow, orange and green or the darker hues of grey or brown. The choice is amply reflected in the outcome of your actions and your persona. It is not always easy to be optimistic and see the proverbial glass "half full". However, it is also not very difficult to shed the typical mindset of observing the "half empty". The magic lies in the way you weigh the pros and cons. And these babies come along with every choice.

If you are trained to be a teacher and have to make a choice between a 2000 euros per month job in a globally acclaimed educational institution and a 700 euros per month job as a volunteer, it is easy to sit on a non-committal rostrum and choose the former. However, depending on the passion for the vocation and what you envision as "fulfilling", there will be scope to choose the latter offer too. If you do consider the first offer of 2000 euros per month, it may involve moving away from home and family or extensive working hours, while offering you a chance to connect globally and learn more. Likewise, in the 700 euros per month offer, you may have to take up additional tuitions to make the effort worth your while, while getting an opportunity to serve selflessly.

In this way, every other experience in life comes with the ability to choose and every choice is balanced with a flip side. There is never a choice without the pros and cons. But there is a mind set that can be developed to make the most of every opportunity. You could either choose to be an optimist or a pessimist. Your choice of the hues is personal and part of the fabric you are made of. You could either grouse through the experiences or smile your way through. You decide. One thing is for sure, grousing won't help. It never has and never will. Moreover, a smile always lightens your own burden and that of others.


Katie said...

I am letting go of the need to keep up appearances or to project an impressive self-image. I now want to appear as I am, without pretense and no matter how unflattering. I do not want to use any charms of body, word, or mind to trick or seduce others. Being loved for who I am has become more important—and more interesting—than upholding the ever-shaky status of my ego.

Christina P said...

Welcome back, Constantine mou! I have really missed your blog. I understand, though, that sometimes we can't always have enough time to do everything we want. As for choices, I make mine and try to be optimistic. I believe that negative thinking can only make things worse. If I realize I have made a wrong choice, well, that's not the end of the world. I just learn from my mistakes.

Anastasia said...

When I decided to run my own language school, a dream come true, I gave up a well-paid job but it was worth it. Some time later, I turned down a post at the public schools. When you have a passion for your work, money doesn't really count. Fourteen years later I'm glad I made my own choices and my own decisions - however hard it was to decide in the first place.

Constantinos said...

~Katie, I think it's very important to "be" rather than "look". Being your real self is above all a personal choice and secondly you seduce others without your realising it. It's better to have a few good friends than a horde of flatterers.

~ I never regret for my choices - good or bad - it's all part of life. Good choices help us improve our lives while we learn from bad experiences. Negativity only leads to unhappier, more miserable lives.

~ Money doesn't always lead to happiness. You did the right thing, Anastasia: choosing what gave you first personal satisfaction rather than stay in a job just for the money.