Sunday, 17 January 2010

Meet my Dogs

Soon after my divorce in 2006, I had to make a very hard decision: leave the dogs at the house with the children.  I also thought it would be better for the dogs as that was their home and taking them away would make them unhappy. Besides for about 2 years I lived in a flat which was far from being a suitable home for them. Melina was only a puppy then and she still needed her mum who passed away last year.

This is Melina the beagle. She was born on April 7, 2006. She is playful, lively but obedient and apart from dog food, she loves to eat souvlaki and lamb chops.

This is a picture of Nefeli taken about a year ago in my daughter's bedroom. Born on May 22, 2001, she is a fine labrador retriever and our guardian angel. She generally gets on well with Melina and loves to eat chicken and ham.