Sunday, 22 April 2012

Spring in Greece

At this time of year, wildflowers are in full bloom all over Greece, the weather is pleasantly warm during the day but it can get rainy and stormy and quite chilly at night - especially in April. In May it often feels like summer, hot days are not unusual and we can expect temperatures around  23C / 74F

The refreshing season of spring adorns the fertile landscape of the country  with a synthesis of natural beauties that will take your breath away. The lush vegetation of the green forests and the verdant slopes of the brown-reddish mountains, the prosperous plains and the bloomed uplands, the flowered gardens and the flourished parks, shall be composing an amalgam of multiple colours and breathing the intoxicating essences of the efflorescent landscape, as the highlights of the golden sun are bedazzling your eyes.

Unquestionably, during the spring season, the enchanting landscape  of Greece is embellished in a unique manner, as the Greek land seems to have been covered with a multicolored veil and a refreshing essence. However, spring is not an invigorating season only for nature but even for us. As you l become an eyewitness of the revival of nature taking place while wandering around the appealing country of Greece, you can find numerous regions of absolute natural beauty interspersed all over the divine land.