Sunday, 17 January 2010

Meet my Dogs

Soon after my divorce in 2006, I had to make a very hard decision: leave the dogs at the house with the children.  I also thought it would be better for the dogs as that was their home and taking them away would make them unhappy. Besides for about 2 years I lived in a flat which was far from being a suitable home for them. Melina was only a puppy then and she still needed her mum who passed away last year.

This is Melina the beagle. She was born on April 7, 2006. She is playful, lively but obedient and apart from dog food, she loves to eat souvlaki and lamb chops.

This is a picture of Nefeli taken about a year ago in my daughter's bedroom. Born on May 22, 2001, she is a fine labrador retriever and our guardian angel. She generally gets on well with Melina and loves to eat chicken and ham.


Lisa A said...

Your dogs are so beautifull especially the beagle!

Christina P said...

Nefeli and Melina are two gorgeous young ladies and you are so lucky to have them!

Katie said...

Labs are unique when it comes to loyalty and character. They are extremely intelligent and have recently been trained as guide dogs. Nefeli is a beauty! And in such a great shape! Melina the beagle sure looks like being playful!

Anastasia said...

I agree with Katie. Labradors are amazing! My mother had a labrador called Blanche. She was the most intelligent, loving, faithful dog I had ever met.She passed away 2 years ago at the age of 19. When I was a student in Switzerland, I had a dog, Pupuce. She was the offspring of a german pointer and a labrador retriever. For various reasons , Alkis and I had to give up on her when we left Switzerland. So we gave her to a friend whose parents were blind. We later learnt that she had become an excellent guide dog for our friends' parents without any professional training at all.

sand dune said...

I understand it was hard for you to leave your dogs, but I believe it was the right thing to do. You are a very considerate person, Constantinos. I wish people were a bit more like you. Take care.

Lakis I said...

Beautiful dogs!

Gal Friday said...

They are beautiful dogs and you were a wise man to let them stay on in their home, rather than upsetting their lives if you moved with them.
I have always had a soft spot for beagles and your Melina has such unusual coloring!

summer said...

they're beautiful, constantinos. and u are very kind that even if it's so hard for u to leave them at your house, u still did, taking into consideration what's best for them. thanks for sharing about them. this post also reminds me of the first dog i've had who i loved so much. she's a german shepherd. it's been so many years since she died but i still miss her so much.

happy weekend ahead, constantinos. and take good care :)

Sophia said...

Oh they are both so cute!!! My dogs - a labrador and a german pointer are in Lemesos and I see them only when I am off work. You can't imagine how much I miss them!

Constantinos said...

**Hi Lisa. The truth is I have a weakness for Melina.

**I feel lucky to have them too, Christina, I only wish I could see them more often. They are like my children.

** Right Katie. Nefeli is my guardian angel and Melina the playful one, yet Melina would go wild on unfriendly strangers!

** I know it wasn't easy for you, Anastasia, to say goodbye to Pupuce - what a strange name for a dog! - but I am sure you were proud of her becoming a guide dog to your friend's parents.

**Yes, indeed sand-dune, it was very hard for me to leave the dogs at the house. But they were happier there.

** Thanks Lakis.

** Yes, now I know I did the right thing, Gal Friday. The dogs are much happier at their home. As for Melina she is adorable. She was named after the greek word meli which means honey.

** Hi Summer. I relate to your feelings and I fear the moment I will lose Nefeli and Melina. They are part of my life even if I don't see them very often.

** I bet you do, Sophia. It's funny how we can all get sentimental about our pets. But that's a good thing because they deserve all our love and care. Nice to see you here after a long time.

llamasrcool27 said...

Aww puppy