Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The Good Old Days

When I was a kid, I used to play in the streets of the small neighbourhood in Athens where I grew up. We played lots of games like hide-and-seek or thieves and policemen. These games proved to be most beneficial for us kids as they involved a lot of physical exercise. Sometimes. they turned out to be quite addictive to such a degree that our mothers would start calling us to go back home because it was getting dark.

I always obeyed mum and as soon as she called, I'd go back home. All the family gathered around the dinner table. It was a sacred time for the family. During dinner time, we were not allowed to watch TV or play. We'd exchange our news of the day, and, as a family we talked a lot over dinner. After dinner, we were allowed to watch TV for about half hour but, unlike my siblings, I preferred listening to the radio. Then by 9:30 pm we had to go to bed and mum would turn off the light and kiss us goodnight.

Those were the good old days. Nowadays, kids are on Facebook, they gulp down dinner in front of the TV or while chatting to their online friends. Families rarely spend time around the dinner table exchanging their news of the day. And many kids at the age of 9-10 have already a mobile phone or an iphone - not to mention a laptop.  Most of them would rather have fast food delivered for dinner rather than eat their mother's home cooking.

Although I believe in modern technologies such as the Internet and social media, I still miss the good old days and believe that most kids nowadays are mere victims of the Playstation or Facebook.


Olga said...

Δυστυχως τα περισσοτερα παιδια σημερα εχουν εθιστει στο internet, facebook κτλ, πολυ συχνα σε ανησυχιτικο βαθμο. Πισυευω πως οι γονεις οφειλουν να εξηγησουν στα παιδια τους τους κινδυνους που διατρεχουν στο διαδυκτιο και να ορισουν απο κοινου ενα λογικο χρονο περιηγησης. Χαιρομαι ιδιαιτερα που εισαι παλι εδω, Κωνσταντινε μου.

Christina P said...

I also miss the good old times when I played all sorts of games in the back yard or in the streets of my neighborhood. Since then lots of things have changed - Athens is no longer the quiet city it used to be and kids can certainly no longer play in the street. However, it's good to see that in Greece there are still closeknit families even if the kids are hooked on the TV or the computer.

Anastasia said...

The kids are not to blame if there's no parental control - whether it's the TV or the Internet.

Constantinos said...

~ Εχεις απόλυτο δίκαιο, Ολγα. Ο γονικός έλεγχος είναι απαραίτητος.

~ Christina, surely kids can no longer play in the streets of Athens as we used to as kids, but they can choose sport and real life socialising to social media websites.

~ I couldn't agree more, Anastasia. However, many parents in Greece are completely ignorant of the Internet, in particular, and the hazards lurking out there, so parental control is rare.

Anonymous said...

The technology of today is distraction to most people--adults and kds alike. But if priorities are set and controls are reined, then this is not going to be a problem. My family in the Phils. still eat together,--breakfast and dinner. We watch movies together and we gather around just to talk.
I think there are a lot of parents now who work so hard to give a better life to their kids not knowing what their kids want are their love and time.