Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Nature Imitates Us

The human being is the being that has destroyed more his own environment, destroying himself second by second without even understanding the magnitude of that destruction, giving in this way the worst example to nature, that more each day imitates the behavior of its older Brother called Human.


Lisa A said...

Yes, I believe that nature imitate us because is vindicativa. If we harm her she will answer back. So lets protect her!

Katie said...

The U.S. bakes in the heat of another extreme season; Russia burns as the hottest temperatures recorded turn Moscow into a smoky cauldron. Peat bogs on fire threaten to release toxic amounts of carbon compounds into an atmosphere already on overload. One-fourth of a mammoth Greenland glacier calves into the Arctic sea, setting adrift an iceberg four times the size of Manhattan. Floods and landslides overwhelm China and Pakistan. Even the Russian prime minister has stopped scoffing at the notion of global warming.

Anastasia said...

Mother Nature vs Human Nature. To me this is the great war which is being fought in the 21st century and I'm afraid that Human Nature hasn't got many chances of winning. As long as we keep destroying Mother Nature, she will definitely fight back. And she'll be ruthless.

antigonum cajan said...

That is why I have created my garden to demonstrate to every fool that nature requires, demands little to reciprocate.

My garden with one hundred species in an urban concrete environment is home to bees, lizards, a few birds, beetles, butterflies and occasional visitors.

I, au contraire of many people, do not believe in preaching about saving the earth, unless one has some colors to show.