Friday, 27 July 2012

Summer Holidays in Sifnos

I haven't been around a lot lately as business trips around the world and work have been keeping me busy for the last 6 months. Wintin 2 weeks I flew from Athens to Frankfurt, from there to New York and  L.A California, from L.A I flew back to Europe. In London I had a flight to catch to the Scandinavian countries. Then  back to Germany and from there to Sydney and later to Tokyo.

Since Wednesday here I am , at last,  back to Athens. Home sweet home! I mostly missed gyros and souvlaki and that unique athenian ambiaance which can be both....irritating and exciting. Right now, I'm taking a short holiday on my favourite Greek island - Sifnos.  I can't imagine spending a summer holiday away from Greece although I know there are a lot of beautiful places to enjoy summer worldwide. In Sifnos, I have made some great friends over the years, I enjoy fishing early in the morning,  even though I don't catch anything! I usually do, though! Calamari, red snapper or, if I'm lucky enough, red mullet and lobster! 



sand dune said...

Glad to see that you made time to relax in Sifnos. Hubby and I had tickets for the opening ceremony of the Olympiad last night. It was quite an experience. I loved the teenagers who lit the Olympic cauldron and the high-octane, musical celebration of British history and culture.

Christina P said...

Never been to Sifnos although it's not far from Athens. But I will someday. Right now, I can't afford a holiday as bills are piling up and I consider myself very lucky to still have a job. I will take a few days off this month and spend some time on the beaches of Attiki.

Olga said...

Λέω να την κάνω για το Πήλιο φέτος. Εχω πάει μια φορά μόνο και τρελάθηκα με τις ομορφιές του.

Katie said...

Sifnos looks magical!

Anastasia Marou said...

Very glad to see that you finally managed to relax and unwind in Sifnos. Hey! Gyros and souvlaki can't compare to all those delicious fish you caught in Sifnos. How do you cook them?

Lisa A said...

My dear Constantinos, I am very glad to see that you have took the time to relax after all the very hard work. This summer because of earthquake in my area and many expenses to repair our house we only had a short vacation in Italy for 5 days. But I hope next summer to go to sifnos cos I love Greece very much!!!! Baci, Lisa

Constantinos said...

Anastasia, I always make a fire on the beach when I have a good catch and invite my friends from Sifnos to a very special dinner.

golap mohi said...

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