Sunday, 4 October 2009

10 Honest Things

I was tagged by Anastasia to reveal 10 honest things about myself. So here goes.
1. I hate to drive and I rarely use my car in the city.
2. When I invite a lady out to dinner, I feel very offended if she offers to pay the bill.
3. I don't like skinny women or women who eat only salads and low-fat yogurt. They look permanently ill.
4. I am a very introvert person, I don't easily open up to others and I prefer to keep certain things to myself. However, I honestly hate keeping up appearances.
5. What relaxes me most after a long day at work is a glass of red wine, a good book and Billy Joel's music.

6. The most valuable possession I have is an old gold cross given to me by my grandmother a few days before she passed away.
7. I enjoy visiting museums. In fact I can spend hours exploring them as I believe it's the best way to learn about a country's history and culture.
8. I can occasionally tell a white lie if I feel the truth might hurt soemeone I love.
10. I do my best not to be bossy with my children although sometimes I can't avoid it.

Now I am supposed to pass the tag to 7 bloggers but I'd rather leave it open to anyone who would like to share 10 honest things about themselves.


Olga said...

Now I feel I know you better!I think when you are live in Athens is better not to drive! In my place is OK ! No problem. I will say my 10 honest things soon. Let me to think first!!!

Olga said...

Also I love the music! Marinella. I also love her songs very much. And I enjoyed very much the videos from greek movies. One thing is for sure , Constantine mou. You made my day!

Anastasia said...

Thanks for doing the tag, Constantine mou. I agree, after a long day at work nothing can be more relaxing than a glass of wine, a good book and great music. I love Marinella, by the way! She is simply divine even at 70! And what a voice!

Christina P said...

Now that was a great surprise. I mean the music on your blog is absolutely fantastic! I find it very hard to meet honest people today - most of them are "friends" out of personal interest so I stick to the few good friends I've got and I am honest to them only. Very briefly here are 10 honest things about me:

1. I think I am cute.
2. I am not skinny! But I may need to lose a few extra kilos.
3. I am broke these days so I guess I qualify for dinner out with you. Don't worry I won't offer to pay the bill :-)
4. Hard-working girl.
5. Humorous at times.
6. I am scared of mice.
7. Sweet and tender with the ones I love.
8. Faithful as long as I am in a relationship.
9. I am allergic to cats.
10. I never meet again or talk to those who hurt me.

Lisa A said...

Ahhh museums! I love them, especially the art museums and galleries. I also dont like to drive but i cant avoid it because i hate more to wait in the row to get the bus or the train. Great music too! It remembers me my holidays in greece a few years before and puts me in very good mood to start my day. I hope you have a wonderfull day. Kisses from Rome-Lisa

Heather said...

Oh Billy Joel, how much I love that man. Thanks for sharing some wonderful things about yourself

Constantinos said...

*** Hi Olga. I sometimes envy you people living in small Greek towns far away from Athens. The funny thing is, though...I can't live away from Athens so I avoid driving. Glad you like the music. I think Marinella is one of the greatest singers Greece has ever known.

*** Anastasia, do I remember right? Is Cabernet Hadjimichalis your favourite Greek red?

*** I couldn't help smiling when I read your 10 honest points. I like cute but not skinny women with a healthy appetite. I would be honoured to ask you out for dinner. I promise not to bring my cats along!

*** I am not an expert in art, Lisa, but I clearly remember the thrill and excitement when I first visited Museo e Galleria Borghese , a couple of years ago.

*** Glad you like Billy Joel, Heather. I think he is a great artist and a great performer.

Christina P said...

I don't like Billy Joel but I hope we meet soon.