Sunday, 19 July 2009

A Virtual Cruise to the Greek Islands

It's been unbearably hot these last few days in Athens with the temperature going up to 40C yesterday. In the city centre, it felt like over 40 at about 2 pm mainly due to the many buildings made from glass, concrete and metal which tend to create a burning hot air mass. Unfortunately, I had to drive to the centre as I had an important business lunch. Otherwise I'd have certainly driven to Galaxidi where it is much cooler. The city of Athens is practically empty today as most people went off to the beaches or the nearby islands for the weekend. I've still got 2 weeks at work before I go on holiday for 3 weeks in August. I wish I could take 5 weeks off like last year, but due to the recession and some new contracts at work, I can't allow myself this luxury. At the moment, I'd rather stay indoors in the air conditioning and dream of the Greek islands! So let me take you on a virtual cruise to some of my favourite islands.
The island of Ikaria - Valeta
From Greece
The island of Amorgos
From Greece
The island of Astypalea
From Greece
The fishing port on the island of Sifnos
From Greece
Artemonas on the island of Sifnos
From Greece


Sophia said...

It's very very hot in Nicosia as well. Its supposed to be 38 C right now but it feels like 40 + outside. I am at work preparing tonight's News but I would like to be on one of those islands. I have only been to Amorgos once and loved it. But not to Astypalea, Ikaria or Sifnos. Thanks for the cool breeze from the greek islands.

Christina P said...

Thank God, it's a bit cooler now! I thought I was going to melt away like ice cream in the sun! I had a terrible weekend. It took me almost 3 hours to get to the beach and when I got there it was packed and I couldn't find a sunbed or at least an umbrella. Thanks for the cool cruise. I love Amorgos! I spent a memorable holiday there 3 years ago.

Anastasia said...

As per usual, your heat wave has moved our way now! Thanks for this wonderful virtual cruise to some of the most beautiful Greek isles which, unfortunately I haven't visited yet! But I will. Sifnos is on my priority list!

Olga said...

Believe it or not, it was very hot in the north as well! We had about 34-35 degrees but in Greece the sea is never too far even if the islands are real magic. You are lucky to have 3 weeks holiday. I only have 10 days. I was going to go to Sardinia but after the fire I changed my mind so finally I will go to Halkidiki. I always have a great time there.

Lisa said...

Thanks for sharing these beutifull pics Constantinos. And I cant wait to take my vacation soon with my family in greece!