Thursday, 2 April 2009


Michalis Hadjigiannis is one of my favourite pop singers. He was born in Cyprus on November 5 1978 and very soon he became one of the most popular pop stars in Greece. However much I like him or any singer, I hardly ever go to concerts as I am someone who hates crowded places. However, I made an exception 3 years ago and attended one of his fabulous concerts. I recorded the video below in July 2006 during one of Hadjiyiannis' concerts in Larnaca. Hope you enjoy it despite the non-professional recording! Please note that I wasn't amongst the delirious girls who craved to touch him since I was recording the whole scene from a distance.


Olga said...

Me too I love greek music more than pop or rock. I listening all the time my favorite singers like Despina Vandi and Keti Garbi. I also love Remos. So it is a big part of my life and I dont think I could live without music. It just make life more beutifull. Hadziyannis is not one of my favorite. But I really loved the video and his crazy fans. Thanks for sharing.

Sophia said...

music is a very big part of my life. I can listen to everything depending on my mood - from pop to hard rock and jazz. and of course i love greek music. i am crazy about haris alexiou. haven't missed any of her concerts.

Laura said...

The right song can put anybody in a better mood and soothe emotional turmoil. We all go through our phases, and most people will turn to certain songs to improve their moods. The main reason behind this phenomenon is that music has the ability to verbalise and express our feelings better than any other medium. Additionally, we have favourite songs for particular situations because we tune into the melodies that capture our vibe the best. So, I couldn't possibly live without it. I mostly enjoy listening to pop ballads and oldies and occasionally to some opera.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ "Please note that I wasn't amongst the delirious girls who craved to touch him since I was recording the whole scene from a distance." .....i've always loved ur sense of humor :P

thanks for sharing the vid. nice one. thanks for introducing me to another great greek artist.

i also enjoy mozart's. i have his cds too. i listen to all types of music. depending on my mood.

i cant imagine my life without music. i love music very much. i think its very apparent when one sees my page lol its full of music lol. i insert music on all possible places on my blog lol... on my blast, my background, my entries lol. it is the language of my soul. it's one addiction i can never give up. i listen to music all day. even when i go to sleep. and even at work. without it, it cramps my creativity. so same here. i cant imagine life without music.


Constantinos said...

The truth is ..ok here's the whole truth! Unlike most greeks I don't have a close relation with music. I hardly ever listen to music and considering Laura's comment I should probably start doing so. But I like listening to the radio from time to time and I love playing some Greek oldies when my children are not there to laugh at me. I stole your video to send it to my daughter. I know she'll love it! She is like one of the fans of Michalis Hatziyannis on the video! Maybe even worse! Glad to see, Anastasia that you are not one of them! Thanks for the great post.

Stefania said...

Anastasia, the truth is that I don't listen to music very often except in the car, when I commute to work I listen to Sfera Radio which I happen to like very much. I may occasionally put a Mandonna or Shakira CD, two artists that I happen to like very much