Friday, 6 March 2009

Why I Blog

Beginning a blog on a new blogsite is not always easy. I guess it takes time to get to know how the new blogsite works and how other members respond. I blog mostly because I feel it's great to share thoughts, feelings, ideas on both serious and trivial matters. Secondly, I blog because this gives me the opportunity to meet other people and learn through them. In other words, I believe that blogging creates some kind of culture awareness. Thirdly I blog because I often feel I need to have some sort of escape from routine. I think this is the most important reason why I blog. I'm certainly NOT a writer, but regardless of who reads my blogs or not, I feel this inner need, at the end of the day or whenever I have some free time to log in and let go of my rambling thoughts.


Reader Wil said...

You are right blogging creates a kind of culture awareness. Thanks for your comment. Women celebrate IWD because though your country and mine might treat men and women as equal partners, there are many women who are considered to be inferior to men. In many African and Asian countries women don't get equal schooling, sometimes no education at all. The Taliban in Afghanistan forbids girls to go to school they, don't get medical help, they are not allowed to work. This is so stupid for women are half of the population of the world, they have the same talents, brains and potential powers as men. Even in my country we have to deal with religious groups who forbid women to vote, to work outside the house, to study more than only elementary education. In Africa women work hard they have to look after their husband and children, to walk miles to fetch water, to walk miles to go to market and sell products of their fields. We celebrate IWD because we are solidair with women all over the world. It's not so long ago, that it was discussed if women had souls.In the women's concentration camp we noticed th at it was normal for soldiers to beat women. And we felt it ourselves. One of our women didn't take it lying down and beat the soldier back.That was bad for her. The soldier was surprised and not used to that. Greece and many European countries are better but the fact that you say:" I don't understand women, because they have equal rights".. means that you have never realised, that this all happened because women have fought for it.

Anonymous said...

I understand how you feel about blogging. And I wish you the best of luck in your new blogging home. However, judging from my experience on a different site, it often leads to many misunderstandings because of cross culture matters. So culture awareness is not always well understood.


Cordelia said...

Blogging has always been very important to me as well. And I agree, in the long run it gives rise to culture awareness. Great page, by the way!

Gal Friday said...

I am not really a writer, either, but since starting a blog(first on Yahoo 360--four years ago?) I have found more and more that I have a need to put down my words, and blogging has become a way of life for me.
I can relate to everything you wrote here--my feelings about blogging are much the same.